How to resize many images at the same time

resizingI just came back from my wonderful trip in Spain. As I have an online gallery ( if you are intrested in seeing the pictures), I need to resize the picture I take with my Digital Camera to a small size/resolution because I don’t have so much free space on the server. In this small “post” I’m going to speak about the situation using the Microsoft Windows OS.

Windows XP
If you are using Windows XP well, the resizing of your images is really really simple. Microsoft developed a quite nice, small and easy powertool to help you with your task. You can download it from here (just few KB). When you have installed it, you’ll notice a new entry in your right-click mouse menu. “Resize Image”. It works really easily, no further info needed.

Windows 2000
Today I was trying to resize my images on the university computers. Well, they have Windows 2000 here. So, MS powertoy doesn’t work. After some search on the net, I found IrfanView . Let’s see how to resize images easily:

– Download/Install IrfanView
– Open IrfanView
– Press “b” button (b stays for “Batch mode”)
– Select “Use Advanced Options”
– Click on “Set Advanced Options”
– Save the settings (click on OK)
– Browse until you hit the directory which contains the pictures you want to resize
– Select the pictures you want to resize (you can use the “Select all” button if you want)
– Decide there the way you want to resize your pictures (% of the original, pixels, centimeters, etc)
– Select your output directory(the dir where you want the resized images to be put into)
– Just click on the “Start” button, which is in the column between the files you have selected and the directory you were broswing.

Here we are! Not difficult at all and very useful!

How to resize many images at the same time

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